Stalled Lender Foreclosures

Jul 2, 2015 by in Mortgage Foreclosure

While the seemingly endless time it takes for lenders to complete mortgage foreclosures is frustrating to our clients, the cases are gradually moving faster to conclusion. This is due to a couple of factors. More circuit judges have been assigned to the foreclosure cases to help with the backlog. Secondly, our office has implemented aggressive techniques in an effort to escalate the handling of stalled mortgage foreclosures, which often become intertwined with the collection of delinquent assessments. We file Answers on behalf of our Associations at no additional cost and maintain direct contact with the firms who represent various lenders.  This allows our office to electronically monitor the progress of the Mortgage Foreclosure, without our Associations incurring unnecessary expense. We do not allow foreclosing lenders to control if and when they proceed with their case. We are scheduling and attending trials in the bank foreclosures, filing Motions to Reschedule Sales, and moving for sanctions against banks/lenders when necessary. Our sole focus is to move these Mortgage Foreclosures to a conclusion, while minimizing costs incurred by the Association and eliminating the loss of delinquent assessments.  All of this work is performed as an additional service of Mankin Law Group.

Unfortunately, there are factors beyond our control that may keep a foreclosure from being completed.  The sheer volume of cases, while slowly diminishing, make quick disposition difficult. Law firms representing banks are also dealing with a significant amount of cases, which were started by other firms who then went out of business. There is also no shortage of overzealous defense attorneys who advertise their ability to delay foreclosure cases, with or without any applicable defense.

In conclusion, we understand the frustration of our clients waiting on the banks to conclude their foreclosure actions. Our office is actively pursuing all possible avenues to get delinquent properties brought current, by a sale to a new owner.


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